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Summary of the Philippine Literary Periods

Philippine literary periods

The Philippines has a rich literary heritage. The years since the country’s colonization by Spain have seen the flowering of poetry in a variety of languages, as varied and distinct as the archipelago’s hundreds of dialects and ethnicities.

To fully understand the literature of a country, it is important to know its literary periods. It is also important to take a step back and analyze how the culture and the society interacted with its literary works.

The Philippine literary periods can be loosely grouped into six periods – from pre-colonial to the contemporary period.

Pre-Colonial Period

Spanish Period

American Period

Japanese Period

Post War Period

Before The Declaration Of Martial Law


1970 – 1972 (Rise of Nationalism and Students Activism)

1970 – 1972 (Period of New Society)

1981 – 1985 (3rd Republic)

Contemporary Period

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